Tough. Cozy.

A voice for confusing times.


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Private VO Coaching

Debi Derryberry, Tina Morasco, Elaine Craig, Bob Bergen, Ezra Weisz, Jodi Gottleib, Tish Hicks, Krickett Davis, Jeannie Elias

VO Workshops,Workouts, and Intensives

The V.O. Dojo, Kalemenson & Kalmenson, Voiceover Camp, Sara Sherman, Ned Lott, Kal-El Bogdanove, Krizia Bajos, Courtenay Taylor, Portia Scott, Melique Berger, Marsha Goodman, Jason Linere-White, Amy Ulrich Dichter, Kelly Jean Badgely, Stephanie Sheh, Julia Bianco Schoeffling, Renee Johnson, Bill Mericle, Tony Rogers, Andrew Atkin

MoCap & Movement

Intro to MoCap with Richard Dorton at the MoCap Vaults

Mask, Red Nose, Unarmed Stage Combat with Robert Westley at Hofstra University

Single Sword with Carrie Brewer at Nashville Shakespeare Festival

Basic Tap Dance, Basic Ballet at Hofstra University

Singing & Vocal Production

Liz Johnson, Joesph Faldutti, Sara Hoover, Alissa Wyatt, Kat Reinhert, Ilona Pierce, Faith Rumer

Acting & Shakespeare

B.F.A. Theatre, Hofstra University

Christopher Dippel, Roysten Coppenger, Jean Dobie-Giebel

Nat McIntyre, Nasvhille Shakespeare Festival, Peter Sander, Maureen Connelly McFeely

  • Sennheiser 416
  • Apollo Twin MKII Interface
  • MacBook Pro (Big Sur OS)
  • TwistedWave
  • Source-Connect Standard
  • iZotope RX Standard
  • iPad Mini
  • Zoom/Skype
  • Apogee HypeMiC

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About Me

Intelligent, Conversational, Millennial. Tough cozy.

I’m an LA-based voice actor, singer, nerd, pizza connoisseur, and Shakespeare enthusiast.  A native New Yorker, I earned a B.F.A. in Theatre from Hofstra University on Long Island. (I’m also a true millennial in that I received a massive amount of student loan debt with my diploma.)

After abandoning my childhood dream of becoming a professional figure skater (too cold!), I discovered a love for performance and never looked back. I have always wanted to be a cartoon, and after dabbling in musical theatre and Shakespeare, the voiceover world feels like home. 

I’m the quirky best friend, rock ‘n’ roll dreamer, deadpan daughter, and fun-loving weirdo. My natural speaking voice is consistently compared to Mike Judge’s Daria (such a compliment!) but listen for yourself and hear how much more I can do!

Coast to Coast Talent Group-LA

Portia Scott

(323) 845-9200

Sheppard Agency-Austin

Erik Sheppard

(631) 332-9550

JE Talent-San Francisco

Cal Grant

(631) 332-9550

Lori Lins Ltd.-Chicago, Milwuakee, Madison

Jessica Principali


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