Tough. Cozy.

A voice for confusing times.


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  • Sennheiser 416
  • Apollo Twin MKII Interface
  • MacBook Pro (Big Sur OS)
  • TwistedWave
  • Source-Connect Standard
  • iZotope RX Standard
  • iPad Mini
  • Zoom/Skype
  • Apogee HypeMiC

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About Me

Intelligent, Conversational, Millennial. Tough cozy.


I’m an LA-based SAG-e voice actor, singer, nerd, pizza connoisseur, and Shakespeare enthusiast.  A native New Yorker, I earned a B.F.A. in Theatre from Hofstra University on Long Island. (I’m also a true millennial in that I received a massive amount of student loan debt with my diploma.)

After abandoning my childhood dream of becoming a professional figure skater (too cold!), I discovered a love for performance and never looked back. I have always wanted to be a cartoon, and after dabbling in musical theatre and Shakespeare, the voiceover world feels like home. 

I’m the quirky best friend, rock ’n’ roll dreamer, deadpan daughter, and fun-loving weirdo. My natural speaking voice is consistently compared to Mike Judge’s Daria (such a compliment!) but listen for yourself and hear how much more I can do!


Coast to Coast Talent Group – LA

Portia Scott

(323) 845-9200

Sheppard Agency – Austin

Erik Sheppard

(631) 332-9550

JE Talent – San Francisco

Cal Grant

(415) 395-9475

Lori Lins Ltd. –
Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison

Big Fish NW – PNW

Melissa Baldauf

1(877) 424-4347


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